Ariel Atom 1/24th scale model w/motor

Ariel Atom 1/24th scale model w/motor 3d printed Miniatures Vehicles

This is a 1/24th scale replica of an Ariel Atom 2 frame. It is from a 3D laser scan of my car that was converted into a geometric model of the car. That geometry was scaled down to 1/24th and joints and rotation points were added to the minimums of the nylon material to make it print as a movable model. The frame is an exact replica at 1/24th as is the suspension arm locations. Liberty's were taken with joints and the steering to make them print as working items.

It has functional rolling wheels, working suspension, working steering and an energy storage spring that can be loaded and used to spin the rear wheels. This was done as a fully functional 3D print as it was printed. Printing dust is packed into the wheel bearing area and needs to be worked out when unpacked, other than that it is good to go.

Pegasus model car tires need to be added to the model to complete it. Look for a different version if you want tires printed with it OR if you do not want the spring "engine". Four versions are offered. The front tires are Pegasus model #1601 1/24 Tires S02's 225/50-16 and the rear tires are #1603 1/24 Tires Pilot's 245/45-18

Tires shown are NOT included
cm: 12.818 w x 8.018 d x 4.772 h
in: 5.046 w x 3.157 d x 1.879 h


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