Sword Dice

Sword Dice 3d printed Games Dice
cm: 1.6 w x 1.602 d x 1.6 h
in: 0.63 w x 0.631 d x 0.63 h


Unfortunately, I received e-mail from Shapeways saying that this model can be printed in Full Color Sandstone only 50% of the time. My own first order did go through (hence that's what the photographs show), but somebody else's didn't. This means that for the time being, this model is unavailable for printing. I do like how this dice looks and feels in my hands, so I will want to figure out how to make it print 100% of the time and allow others to try it out too. I will add comment and update the photographs once I fix it.
January 1, 2014, 7:03 pm
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