Vase melting cube

Vase melting cube 3d printed Accessories For Your Home
The shape shall resemble a melting cube. The vase is only for decorative purposes and there is no guarantee that it is water proof (my sample made from glazed ceramics seems to be though) Due to its shape the vase holds a bigger reservoir of water and has a lower centre of gravity than an cylindric shape. Furthermore the "molten foot" adds more stability against toppling over when a longer flower is placed in the vase.
cm: 9.134 w x 7.838 d x 13.64 h
in: 3.596 w x 3.086 d x 5.37 h


  • Polished Nickel Steel

    Plated in nickel for a silvery hue then polished to a mild sheen with visible print lines.


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