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Anime Clamp Charms vs2

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


This set of unpainted charms is ready to paint and attach to a chain or cord. Some holes may need to be enlarged for bigger chains and cords. Angel egg needs a head pin to hook through to attach, curl left over top of pin into a circle to create the loop. Paint with acrylic and use a top clear coat for protection. 8 charms included inspired by the anime and manga series created by clamp. XxX (xxxholic) Mokona (various) persocom Ear (chobits) kompeko bottle (Kokoro) Sakura's feather (Tsubasa) Hikaru's hilt (magic knights rayearth) Angel egg (angelic layer) Clow Key (sakura card captor)


IN: 5.921 w x 5.921 d x 5.921 h
CM: 15.04 w x 2.754 d x 1.196 h