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Jellyfish Lampshade part B: tentacles

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Want to get part A & B of the Jellyfish lampshade?


Add a beautiful aquatic-inspired glow to your home!

This 3D printed jellyfish lamp shade is comprised of two parts: A. The Jellyfish top - the body of the Jellyfish, and B. the Tentacles.

The lamp base itself needs to be purchased separately.
The Jellyfish lamp shade is designed to fit on to a standard lamp base (for maximum 40W, 30mm / 1.18 inches) . It is photographed above with an IKEA lamp base: HEMMA, Table Lamp Base: Black  35cm / 40".
For example here are links for the IKEA lamp base for USA and Australia . Electrical plugs are different in different regions so search for a lamp base that suits your area.

Design of the Jellyfish Lampshade.
The Jellyfish lampshade is designed using fractal techniques and traditional 3D computer aided design methods. The body of the jellyfish is a modified Mandelbulb fractal. The tentacles are modelled in Rhino 3D, including the chains which take advantage of the ability for 3D printing to create moving parts. The resulting detailed design creates a fascinating lighting feature.


IN: 5.613 w x 5.613 d x 5.613 h
CM: 14.258 w x 14.268 d x 17.366 h