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Mule Chassis 1/87 Scale

Mule Chassis 1/87 Scale 3d printed Model trains Miniatures Photo By Mr. Holback
Photo By Mr. Holback
Not For Sale
Because someone has managed to steal this design by casting it in resin, we have SHUT THIS MODEL OFF!. If people can't respect our work, then it won't be here for other people to buy.


IN: 0.732 w x 0.732 d x 0.732 h
CM: 1.86 w x 4.062 d x 2.224 h


I added a pic showing the world, this does print just fine. In the area of 24 of these have been printed, with only 1 rejection. Due to ShapeWays changing it's color dye guidelines. Otherwise, it's never failed to a design flaw. I even made extra wheel sets for this. Different sizes for all applications of use. Need some smaller tires, or need some bigger, how about some tracks. We got them as well. The hard cab for this is being redesigned to get in the new tighter guidelines for materials. Just visit our shop and look under the 1/87 Scale tab down the right side of the screen.
July 3, 2013, 5:25 am