WAC Corporal Fin Unit BT20 for 13mm motors

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


This is A BT-20 Based WAC Corporal Fin can. This accurately reflects the shape of the fin cross section of the actual vehicle, a lenticular or bi-convex cross section, as well as the tapered tail cone. This 13mm engine version is based on a BT-20 airframe and of a friction fit engine mount design to preserve the scale quality for display. It will fit a BT-5 engine mount tube easily into place. It will fly wonderfully on ¼ AT to A-10T mini brute power! In addition, this material is flexible nylon, very tough for those hard rocky terrain landings. The material option includes a polished version, which I highly recommend. The unpolished is good too, as it makes paint adhesion even better than the already easy prime and paint finish. The unpolished nylon has a 'sand dollar' like feel that could be sanded smooth with a bit of effort should you wish. I recommend grit 220 to start. Please use this product with the understanding it is the end-users responsibility for overall safety and stability of a scratch built rocket design. This is not a replacement part or for use as a modification of any manufactured rocket kit. This is for advanced modelers with no instruction provided for engine mount assembly details, so please use at your own discretion.


IN: 2.213 w x 2.213 d x 2.213 h
CM: 5.622 w x 6.492 d x 4.498 h