Working Wankel Cufflink

Working Wankel Cufflink 3d printed Jewelry Miniatures
This is the working mechanical movement of a wankel rotary engine made into a cufflink. The cam shaft on the end turns the rotor in the housing. This cufflink is intended to be functional if printed in the "Detail" material. Due to the need for tight tolerances between moving parts printing in other material will make this cufflink non-functional. It will still look really cool but it is deisgned for the detail materials. CAUTION: Printing this in a material other than "Detail" will render the mechanical movement of this cufflink NON-FUNCTIONAL. It will look nice just not move. This is my first version so let me know what you think. Update: sorry I can't offer these for sale right now because the tolerances on the moving components are too tight so it doesn't move right now I will be remaking the cufflinks and trying again soon. Thanks for your patience.
cm: 2.76 w x 2.14 d x 2.166 h
in: 1.087 w x 0.843 d x 0.853 h


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