Bookworm ring

Bookworm ring 3d printed Jewelry Personalize your own
'Bookworm' ring.
For all you book reading enthousiasts out there, reading until late at night, there is a ring now, to show your fondness of books to everyone.
The inner diameter of this ring is 18 mm ('size 56', the inner circumference). Feel free to drop a note, asking for a different size. Best in zilver or gold.
Note: the bead is in the same material as the ring. If you want to insert your own bead, feel free to ask for a version without the bead.
cm: 2.202 w x 2.574 d x 0.852 h
in: 0.867 w x 1.013 d x 0.335 h


  • Polished Silver

    Smooth and slightly textured sterling silver hand-polished to a mild sheen.


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