SSA003 Breach Heavy Fighter

SSA003 Breach Heavy Fighter 3d printed SciFi Miniatures
Saturn Syndicate Ascendancy

Hyperstar Incorporated HSF-112 Breach Heavy Fighter

The Hyperstar Incorporated HSF-112 Breach Heavy Fighter is an unusual ship with an unusual role. It is designed to lead the attack into an enemy fleet and “breach” their defences. The Breach is a solidly design vessel; while fast by most standards, it is below what is usual for the SSA. Instead, it stacks on very heavy shields and armour, but leaves enough space for twin hyper-ray guns and and twin torpedo tubes each with a pair of nuclear torpedoes suitable for anti-statship duty.

These give the Breach enough of a sting that enemy vessel cannot simply ignore the vessel, forcing the enemy vessels to either expend their point-defence’s fire on the Breach – and allow the Breach’s escort precious second to fire themselves, or to allow the Breach squadron free reign to empty their own ordinance.

Despite the Breach’s ungainly appearance (and frequent jokes about flying bricks from the SSA pilots), the Breach is itself still very manouverable, more so than many fighters. The Breach pilots are uick to point out their vessel’s bulkier proportions allow for a roomier – and safer - cockpit, especially during long voyages during an FTL strike.
cm: 4.3 w x 0.678 d x 0.86 h
in: 1.693 w x 0.267 d x 0.339 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.