AMPS mount for, vibration isolated

AMPS mount for, vibration isolated 3d printed Mechanical parts Gadgets
The case is available at
Vibration isolated AMPS standard mount. Replace your handlebar mount GPS with your iPhone. This mount is compatible with the AMPS bolt pattern commonly found on GPS and similar devices. It can mount your iPhone in landscape or portrait mode, and will work with mounting plates up to 1/4" in thickness. This mount is vibration isolated to protect your iPhone from vibration (e.g. motorcycle engines.)
This mount is very compact when used with our low profile case adapter (available in this shop.)
Note: This mount is identical to our standard AMPS mount, but is more expensive because we provide vibration isolators. If you do not need vibration isolation, that model is also available in this shop.
We will separately send an 8x32 acorn nut, threadlocker and a set of 4x vibration isolating studs, nuts and bolts.
Please forward your Shapeways order payment confirmation to us at, so that we can send you the parts.
to assemble:
1: press the short bolts into the mount in the preferred bolt pattern (portrait or landscape.)
2: apply a dab of loctite threadlocker to each bolt and thread the vibration isolators onto the bolts.
3: place the mount and isolator assembly onto the AMPS compliant plate and thread on the locknuts (don't use threadlocker here)
cm: 4.858 w x 1.95 d x 4.858 h
in: 1.913 w x 0.768 d x 1.913 h


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