1/288 Maurice Farman MF.11 "Shorthorn" (×2)

1/288 Maurice Farman MF.11 "Shorthorn" (×2) 3d printed Miniatures Vehicles After priming
After priming
  • Frosted Ultra Detail

    Matte translucent plastic that showcases fine and intricate details.


Two 1/288 scale Maurice Farman MF.11 "Shorthorn" WWI aeroplanes, as was used early in WWI by the French and most Entente nations. Only available in Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD). Struts, booms, and undercarriage are somewhat thick for the scale, but they are the minimum supported by the FUD printers. For this price you get two individual aircraft models. See also the four-pack with crew, and the Italian variant: the Savoia Pomilio S.P.1.


IN: 2.211 w x 2.211 d x 2.211 h
CM: 5.616 w x 7.67 d x 1.18 h