handlebar mount for iconic.am

handlebar mount for iconic.am 3d printed Mechanical parts Gadgets
The iconic.am case is available at www.iconic.am.
This base is designed to be mounted to round tubes such as handlebars and seatposts.
We will separately send you the following items:
1: an 8-32 acorn nut, two hex machine screws and two thumb nuts
2: two pre-cut pieces of adhesive backed rubber to glue to the inside faces of the mount
Please forward your Shapeways order payment confirmation to us at shapeways@iconic.am, so that we can send you the parts.
to assemble: Separate the two pieces by cutting the thin connectors between the parts. Press the nut into the plastic using a set of pliers. Push the hex screws into the main body of the mount. Remove the backing from the rubber and stick one piece to each part of the mount. to mount: assemble the mount around the bar and tighten the thumb nuts.
cm: 5 w x 4.048 d x 4.39 h
in: 1.969 w x 1.594 d x 1.728 h


November 7, 2012, 5:49 pm
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