low profile case adapter for iconic.am

low profile case adapter for iconic.am 3d printed Mechanical parts Gadgets
The iconic.am case is available at www.iconic.am.
Low profile case adapter, ideal for use on skateboards. It faces iconic.am's lens towards the mounting surface.
We will separately send you a 1/8", 1.25" long stainless pin.
Please forward your Shapeways order payment confirmation to us at shapeways@iconic.am, so that we can send you the parts.
to assemble: press the pin through the plastic using a vise or by starting it in by hand and then pressing down on the housing with the pin against a hard surface.
cm: 6.93 w x 2.596 d x 6 h
in: 2.728 w x 1.022 d x 2.362 h


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