Kings Chamber Plate Ceramic Pyramid

Kings Chamber Plate Ceramic Pyramid 3d printed Download
Kings Chamber plate can be used together with the Base for Ceramic Pyramid and Ceramic Pyramid to charge/activate/open gemstones, when white pyramid is pointed north with 2 parallel sides. I don't think the base or even the KC Plate is a necessity. Tests to be made. The Pyramid in combination with the Kinds chamber plate seems to work. No guarantees from my side, only sharing personal experiences. Model can be downloaded freely. I don't charge a personal fee for modeling work. If you wish additional changes I might be able to help you out. For questions, rewards, remarks, feedback, you can contact me @ If you printed one of my products in one of the materials, please send me some photo's or learnings. Be careful with selecting a material.
cm: 9.898 w x 9.898 d x 1.8 h
in: 3.897 w x 3.897 d x 0.709 h


  • Glazed Ceramics

    Bright white ceramic with a glossy, smooth finish. Food-safe.