minimalistic iphone 5 wallet case w/ money clip

minimalistic iphone 5 wallet case w/ money clip 3d printed Gadgets Cases
This iphone 5 case Contains the Following:
Minimalistic Iphone 5 Case (strong case that protects most of the sides but does not clutter)
Card Holder 2 Credit Cards and 1 ID (wallet)
Money Clip
Build in Kick stand

It does not contain:
Bottle Opener nor metal bottle opener Attachment
Earphone Organizer

**If you want more space for more cards without the bulk i would suggest getting a slim wallet. They are extremely thin.
or for the ladies
 the bikini Wallet

*** I made a quick video that shows how to put on and take off my cases. Also i have gotten some complains that depending on the printer, material or color material the kickstand comes stuck and it doesnt seem to work. So i made a quick video that shows how to loosen the support material on the hinges or sides using an exacto knife or safety pin so please watch this instructional video
cm: 6.166 w x 12.68 d x 1.614 h
in: 2.428 w x 4.992 d x 0.635 h


@duann Awesome.. my ithrone got featured there last year too!! thanks for the heads up
January 16, 2014, 11:00 pm
Hey, you were just featured on Business Insider
January 16, 2014, 6:11 pm
  • White Strong & Flexible Polished

    White nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth matte finish.


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