3mm (1/600) Anti-Grav Armor Battalion (49 pcs)

3mm (1/600) Anti-Grav Armor Battalion (49 pcs) 3d printed Miniatures Games
This is a roughly-1/600 (or 3mm-scale) anti-gravity armored task force, consisting of 12 main battle tanks, 12 infantry fighting vehicles, 6 light scout tanks, 3 command vehicles, 4 air defense vehicles, 6 artillery carriers, and 6 MLRS missile carriers. The average vehicle is 13mm long. While you can order this item in White, Strong, and Flexible, please be aware that there may be a substantial loss of detail. Any of the Detail materials would be a better choice, with Frosted Ultra-Detail the best.
cm: 6.906 w x 1.576 d x 5.22 h
in: 2.719 w x 0.62 d x 2.055 h


  • Frosted Detail

    Matte translucent plastic with fine print lines that reveals small details.