Square Credit Card Reader Case-keychain/lanyard

Square Credit Card Reader Case-keychain/lanyard 3d printed Accessories Geek Out: Tech Accessories
Putting this on hold in most colors due to new polished colors making the case not close as well. Black should work as normal. This case is not for the very very new thin version of the reader that's not in stores yet..

A hinged snap case for the Square Reader, this Case also fits the previous version which was the first iteration to be sold in stores and also the current iteration in stores. Again, NOT for the super thin super new version.

**Please note this case does not come with a keychain attachment (to attach your own you'll also need a jump ring) or a lanyard. Also, there is not an extra color-protective coat of varnish on the piece. If you desire a varnished piece with either a keychain or lanyard attachment order from my shop on Etsy.com:


Inspired by the fact I kept misplacing my Square Reader when I went to conventions and there weren't many visually pleasing options to fulfill my needs.

Designed with a loop that can attach to a keychain via a jump ring (not included) or attach to a lanyard / neck strap (not included). This one has my decorative Swirl Gear logo, but I'm waiting to see if I can get Square's permission to have their logo on the front as an option. Please note that this version direct from Shapeways doesn't have a coat of varnish to add extra color protection.

Designed by C Westbrook Designs in San Francisco and printed by Shapeways.

3D printing allows the hinge to come fully assembled and functional. It does not come with a keychain or lanyard attachment unless you purchase it off my Etsy shop listing.

This listing links to a video of the case in action (above).

To avoid any confusion let me clarify that if you buy a case from this store you are ordering directly from Shapeways who manufactures / 3D prints it. I can not cancel or change any orders made from this site. If you ordered a case from this listing please contact service@shapeways.com with any concerns that are unrelated to the design aspect.

cm: 6.128 w x 4.958 d x 1.604 h
in: 2.413 w x 1.952 d x 0.631 h


Hey there, I thought I responded to this one! Sorry about that. So, I have done a couple custom designs in the past, but due to the time it takes design-wise I'd have to charge quite a bit more. In addition I don't have all that much free time so unless it was at least 4 cases I'd probably not go for it. I'd also ask for upfront payment, as I've had a couple custom orders where I put the listing up and the person never purchase what I had already spent the time on.
June 4, 2013, 10:12 pm
@cwestbrook Have you thought about offering this case with a person's company's logo on it?
December 15, 2012, 4:11 pm
  • Black Strong & Flexible

    Black nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


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