8-Bit Voxel Sprite

8-Bit Voxel Sprite 3d printed
Turn retro 8-bit sprites into cool voxel sculptures! Make your own! http://voxelsprite.0fps.net/?src=/uploads/505a5fe1243216d7140001b7.png
cm: 4.96 w x 4.96 d x 4.34 h
in: 1.953 w x 1.953 d x 1.709 h


I wonder if the 0fps voxel-sprite editor is more trouble than it's worth. The flanges, for instance, I wanted square but I had to round the corners to keep the outer rings of the face from being raised too much. This would be trivial in a straight voxel editor. True, you're saved from having to fill in the bulk of the object, but if you're translating pixel art, you're gonna have to invent most the 2D views yourself anyway, so it's hardly less work. I mean, it was nice being able to "dig" and re-dig the two perpendicular tunnels by changing only a couple pixels at a time, but you pay for that by having no control over the color of any "inside" the object, among other things.
September 20, 2012, 12:31 am
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