Dutch Soccer Shoe Universal "Shot Glass" :-)

Dutch Soccer Shoe Universal "Shot Glass" :-) 3d printed Art Sculptures
Dedicated to Pete, Robert, Michiel & Stijn :-)

For your next Jenever, Coffee, Sake, Ouzo, Tequila, Espresso,
Cappuccino, Vodka, Scotch, Whiskey — Party.
Also use as a Bonsai Planter, iPhone Stand, Jewelry Tray,
or a Pencil Bowl in Your Home or Office.
NOTE: Also available in Stainless Steel in actual shoe size ;-)
Very reasonably priced :-) Take advantage of this unique offer,
and order these extraordinay shoes with built-in Plantar Support
and a Lifetime Warranty — for yourself and your entire Soccer Team :-)
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cm: 11.178 w x 4.982 d x 5.362 h
in: 4.401 w x 1.961 d x 2.111 h


  • Glazed Ceramics

    Bright white ceramic with a glossy, smooth finish. Food-safe.


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