Frame for the Halbach 12 Magnet Array

Frame for the Halbach 12 Magnet Array 3d printed Mechanical parts Spare parts
A Plastic frame for the Halbach 12 Magnet Array. In this size, it's meant for 10mm, that's 1Cm, stock Neodymium cubes. It allows you to have a much stronger Magnet, that just stacking 12 magnets... Because this Magnet Cluster concentrates most of it's Magnetic Force on the inside of this ring, see the Magnetic Graph. This array has engraved the Magnet's orientation, so you only have to buy the Magnets, see their orientation, with a Magnetic Compass, and embed the Magnets. Cpoy and paste the Link Below, to get your Magnets, from KjMagnetics:
cm: 6.774 w x 6.774 d x 1.252 h
in: 2.667 w x 2.667 d x 0.493 h


  • Sandstone

    Delicate and grainy, with a coarse finish and sand-like color.