MG144-Aotrs04 Hunter Drone Command Element

MG144-Aotrs04 Hunter Drone Command Element 3d printed SciFi Miniatures
Army Of The Red Spear

The Hunter Drone Command element is a substitute for the regular War Droid command element. It consists of the command droid itself plus a second Hunter Drone as backstop and bodyguard. Both are armed with the normal Hunter Drone armament of twin plasma-pulse cannons. These elements are typically assigned to full Hunter Drone platoons, consisting of three groups of six Hunter Drones and the command element. Though in theory, they could command a mixed unit as the regular droids do, in practise the higher cost of the Hunter Drone Command sees it soley assigned to places where it's ability to fly is most useful.

Occasionally, other units like Sentry Drones or Scarab mines are also assigned to a full Hunter Drone Platoon, but this is uncommon.
cm: 2.302 w x 1.774 d x 1.83 h
in: 0.906 w x 0.698 d x 0.72 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


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