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MG144-Aotrs02 Gloombat Multirole Attack Craft

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Army Of The Red Spear

The Gloombat takes the multirole craft to the extreme. The work done on the Fallen Soul has prepared the Gloombat for new and rigorous design specifications. It is Grav-Tank and fighter, bomber and VTOL all in one. It carries hyperdrive, starfighter engines and Grav-drive, combined with shields and a tough hull. It carries two light fighter warhead bays, giving a payload not vastly smaller than the Apparition fighter does. The craft’s standard main weapon is an Energy Beam Cannon, which combined with a turreted mount gives it an excellent arc of fire. This weapon is especially effective against unshielded lower-tech vehicles The second variant carries four additional coldbeam cannons, signfificantly increasing the vehicle’s firward firepower.


IN: 2.709 w x 2.709 d x 2.709 h
CM: 6.88 w x 5.66 d x 4.6 h