curved mount base for

curved mount base for 3d printed Mechanical parts Gadgets
The case is available at
This base is designed to be mounted to curved surfaces using 2-sided tape or sugru.
We will separately send you 3 items:
1: an 8-32 acorn nut
2: a pre-cut piece of 3M VHB 2-sided tape
3: a packet of sugru (hand formable silicone rubber adhesive)
Please forward your Shapeways order payment confirmation to us at, so that we can send you the parts.
to assemble: press the nut into the plastic using a set of pliers.
to mount: use the 3M tape on smooth surfaces such as a skateboard helmet, or the sugru on weird shaped surfaces such as a vented bike helmet
cm: 4.5 w x 2.4 d x 4.38 h
in: 1.772 w x 0.945 d x 1.724 h


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