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Julia Vase #002 - Yin Yang

Julia Vase #002 - Yin Yang 3d printed Art Mathematical Art Julia Vase #002 - Yin Yang
Julia Vase #002 - Yin Yang
  • Full Color Sandstone

    Fully colored material with a coarse finish and a delicate feel.


Julia Vase 004 Yin Yang
Shape and color slowly blended into an exquisite combination.

This dry flower vase was derived from the Julia Fractal Set.
Instead of high iteration full color imagery, as is common, one can also trace a line over the lower iterations.
Then by slowly altering the input values, we are morphing the fractal while traveling the Z-axis.
And beautiful and elegant forms appear.

The finishing touch in the Yin Yang Vase was done by applying a phase coloring pattern inherently present in the formula.

It is 12.5cm high with 2mm thick walls, suitable for full color Sandstone.
The material is not water-resistant.
Suitable for decorative purposes and dry flowers only.

Part of the Part of the Julia Vase collection.


IN: 3.702 w x 3.702 d x 3.702 h
CM: 9.404 w x 12.624 d x 9.57 h