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pole cam .875 tube mount for

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The case is available at
To get steady footage and creative angles while skating, snowboarding, etc. the pole cam is a must. This base is designed to be mounted into a tube with a .875in inner diameter.
We will separately send you an 8-32 acorn nut.
Please forward your Shapeways order payment confirmation to us at, so that we can send you the parts.
to assemble: press the nut into the plastic using a set of pliers. Press the adapter into your tube.
Our favorite tube is part # 45001-2 at, but any tube with a .875" inner diameter will work. The length is up to you, we found that 36" is a good balance of reach and weight.
If carbon fiber tubing is a little fancy for you, then we also have a schedule 40 PVC pipe adapter available in this shapeways store.


IN: 0.94 w x 0.94 d x 0.94 h
CM: 2.388 w x 5.4 d x 4.39 h