Gear Planet

Gear Planet 3d printed Art Puzzles Geared rotation
Geared rotation
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Gear Planet was suggested by Ferdinand Lammertink. Ferdinand is best know as the inventor of several Thinkfun puzzles, including Backspin and Port-to-Port and recently Perilous Pipes by Popular Playthings.

Gear Planet has 11 tiles. There is a gearing&sliding mechanism for scrambling the tiles. The object is to get them all back in order. Experts may recognize some similarity between the gearing of four tiles, and the up-and-down mechanism of Port-to-Port.

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Please contact Oskar directly if you are interested in obtaining a fully colored and assembled sample of this puzzle.


IN: 5.856 w x 5.856 d x 5.856 h
CM: 14.874 w x 8.018 d x 7.532 h