Compy Cube 50mm version

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


This one is based on the concept by forum moderator "Sausage". This version is named "Compy Cube", after a famous little dinosaur.

It's a very easy puzzle to solve which makes it a lot of fun! I think people who are intimidated by twisty puzzles may find this one fun and rewarding to play with.

I created a smaller version of the Compy Cube in order to bring the price down, offering both sizes for sale. This is the smaller version.

You will receive a DIY kit of raw 3d printed parts. You will need to provide your own 4-40 size screws, washers and springs to assemble your puzzle. I prefer this puzzle without springs. Stickers can be obtained by emailing for 4 dollars plus shipping.


IN: 2.669 w x 2.669 d x 2.669 h
CM: 6.78 w x 5.52 d x 11.96 h