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Alumide Acoustabowl

Alumide Acoustabowl 3d printed Accessories Polished Alumide Acoustabowl
Polished Alumide Acoustabowl
  • Alumide

    Grey nylon plastic with a subtle metallic sparkle.


This version of the Acoustabowl was specifically designed for Alumide, but is available in all printable materials. The Acoustabowl is designed to hold any current phone, even the very large Samsung Note. It has been tested with the Samsung SII Skyrocket, Samsung SIII (speaker is towards the top of phone, so phone must be upsidedown), and the Apple iPhone 3GS. Put your phone in, play a song or video, and enjoy the enhanced acoustics of the Acoustabowl.


IN: 4.866 w x 4.866 d x 4.866 h
CM: 12.36 w x 8.18 d x 8.04 h