String Ball

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  • Full Color Sandstone

    Fully colored material with a coarse finish and a delicate feel.


The model is made from two overlapping parametric curves. There's not really any point to it; it's just a curious model that I was interested to see for real. Aesthetically it makes for an interesting object. The curves are both rendered using the following formulae:

(x, y, z) = (40*cos(atan(2*sin(a*10*p)))*cos(2*a*p), 40*cos(atan(2*sin(a*10*p)))*sin(2*a*p), 40*sin(atan(2*sin(a*10*p)))),

radius = 3*((3+sin(4*(p+((1+sin(10*a*p))*8*p))))/4),

(r, g, b) = (1, ((1+sin(4*(p+((1+sin(10*a*p))*8*p))))/2)*0.6, ((1+sin(4*(p+((1+sin(10*a*p))*8*p))))/2)*0.4).

This was actually a function co-created with Dr Martin Randles. The threads have been thickened since the first version and the print now comes out very nicely in Full Colour Sandstone and is surprisingly sturdy.


IN: 3.346 w x 3.346 d x 3.346 h
CM: 8.5 w x 8.1 d x 8.5 h