1/4800 Allied Aircraft Pack

1/4800 Allied Aircraft Pack 3d printed Miniatures Vehicles
Each row (from foreground as per stock Shapeways render) contains 12x of the following aircrafts (unless otherwise noted):
- Loire 130 (2 rows)
- SOC Seagull
- OS2U Kingfisher
- Supermarine Walrus
- F4F Wildcat (a.k.a. Royal Navy Martlet)
- SBC Helldiver (not to be confused with SB2C)
- D.520 (2 rows)
- Br693 (or Br810)
- 1 row with 6x D.373 and 6x LN.401
- SB2U Vindicator (also exported as V-156-F, 2 rows)
- 4 rows of UK planes with 3x Fairey Barracuda, 3x Supermaine Seafire, 3x Fairey Swordfish, 3x Hawker Hurricane
cm: 4 w x 5.2 d x 0.62 h
in: 1.575 w x 2.047 d x 0.244 h


Absolutely amazing, the 1:4800 aircraft set ! Several years ago I made some warships miniatures in the (odd !) of 1:1750. The original were in plasticard, then I made rubber mould and cast it in a low melting alloy. My sincere compliments and I hope you continue to produce more outstanding models. Nuno Rubim - Portugal
March 5, 2014, 9:28 pm
Have you considered doing these in 1/2400? Some of these planes are not manufactured in this scale by anyone, and others are very uncommon.
July 29, 2013, 6:08 am
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