Hotchkiss H.3 1:600 x4

Hotchkiss H.3 1:600 x4 3d printed SciFi Miniatures Render
  • Frosted Detail

    Matte translucent plastic with fine print lines that reveals small details.


The Hotchkiss H.3 is the only Aerolyth craft designed by the Société Anonyme des Anciens Eta-blissements Hotchkiss et Cie Company. It is a matter of great speculation in the aero-intelligence community as to who provided the Aerolyth panels. Built on a well-protected 4-panel body, the H3 carries Maxims capable of supporting ground troops, and a large 5-inch gun designed to provide mobile artillery or defense against larger at-tacking Aerolyth craft. Because of limited Aerolyth supplies, the H.3 is a hybrid design, with wings providing about 10% of its lift.


IN: 0.835 w x 0.835 d x 0.835 h
CM: 2.12 w x 1.08 d x 1.26 h