1 in 6 Common Crossing Chairs

1 in 6 Common Crossing Chairs 3d printed Model trains Miniatures

7mm/ft 1:43.5 chairs for BS95R bullhead rail. Based on the LNER NE region designs of 1926 they have a 1.02mm flangeway for functional use with ScaleSeven. They may also be used as cosmetic additions to your 7mm/ft scale 1 in 6 common crossing (a.k.a. acute crossing or, incorrectly, frog) whatever gauge you use.

Sufficient parts are provided to enable two 1 in 6 common crossings of either hand to be constructed: 6X, 6A, 6B, 6C chairs; knuckle block; wing blocks; bolt heads and washers.

Note that these 1 in 6 common crossing chairs are designed to be used alongside the injection-moulded ABS chairs and code 125 bullhead rail produced by C&L.

For prototype information, instructions, photographs, hints and tips please go to our web-site.

cm: 7.222 w x 3.772 d x 0.354 h
in: 2.843 w x 1.485 d x 0.139 h


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