Spine Earrings

Spine Earrings 3d printed Art Jewelry Polished Stainless
Polished Stainless
  • Polished Silver

    Smooth and slightly textured sterling silver hand-polished to a mild sheen.



Though these earrings may resemble an xenomorphic sea creature, we can neither confirm nor deny that they were modeled after any organism living, dead, or bearing any blood relation to our board of directors.

These earrings are sized for 18 gauge piercings and should fit most people with pierced ears. If you need a different size, just ask! I have a few larger gauges already available in the shop, and can resize it to a custom gauge if it's not already there.

Disclaimer on the images: any photos labeled "polished" are stainless steel that has been hand polished with a dremel. The stainless that you order will have more of a texture to it. I haven't yet made these for myself in bronze glossy, gold plated glossy, or either types of silver, but if you want the highly polished look your best bet is going to be silver glossy.


IN: 2.106 w x 2.106 d x 2.106 h
CM: 5.348 w x 5.226 d x 0.658 h