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Zheng3 Penny Ballista

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


This ballista will easily launch a U.S. Penny across a cubicle farm, but most people use it to play Seej.

Seej is an Open Source tabletop wargame based around 3D printing. Rules and more information are available at

If you'd like start playing Seej, there's a Seej Starter Set available on Shapeways, too. You'll need some extra bloxen", or possibly a whole lotta bloxen to really make a go of it. You'll want some flags, too. Construction is really simple! Needlenose pliers are recommended, but not strictly necessary.

You'll need two elastic bands to complete this ballista. Tie a single band through the bore on one of the two D-shaped locking keys. Repeat the process with the other locking key.

Feed the end of one band through the rectangular bore on the ballista's left post. Insert the tenons of the locking key into the square mortises on the post to lock the band in place. You'll be tempted to repeat the process with the other side, but don't give in. It will save you precious minutes of frustration.

Unlike the Zheng3 Penny Catapult, these locking keys should be a snug fit. If some settling of the plastic during printing has made the mortises too small, trim the tenons a bit with your blade of choice.

Center the nock on the knot that connects the two rubber bands. Make sure that the penny's cradle is facing forward.

Feed the end of the band that's been locked down through the rectangular bore on the nock. Tie the free end of the band to the second band. Now feed the free end of the second band through the outside of the rectangular bore on the right post and loop it through the second locking key.

The nock has a wee nub on its underside. Slide this nub into the ballista's firing groove; it will improve accuracy.

Load a penny into the nock, pull it back, and fire away. Be safe! Wear eye protection!

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IN: 5.196 w x 5.196 d x 5.196 h
CM: 13.198 w x 10.414 d x 3 h