NYC WRAP RACK 1:9 (Pedal ID)

NYC WRAP RACK 1:9 (Pedal ID) 3d printed Miniatures Gadgets
When PedalMafia launched their PEDAL ID 1/9 scale bicycle 'Build-Up' models, we were instant fans! We use these kits for a lot of our design work and think they look great as sculptural pieces on our desks. We could not resist in scaling our NYC HOOP RACK and NYC WRAP RACK designs, found in the streets all over New York, down in size for these scale bicycles. We think they fit great and the Alumide material and finish from Shapeways is fitting with the full size street version. Great for building your own diorama street scenes :)
cm: 10.32 w x 5.08 d x 0.98 h
in: 4.063 w x 2 d x 0.386 h


  • Alumide

    Grey nylon plastic with a subtle metallic sparkle.


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