Little-j+Z-Tip Hybrid Cube@1.5 inch

Little-j+Z-Tip Hybrid Cube@1.5 inch 3d printed Art Puzzles
This is a full cube hybrid of "Little-j" and "Z-Tip" pieces from the Spiral Group of puzzles. I will provide eight hybrid cubes that use all twelve of the spiral group pieces. This is number five in that set of eight.
Spiral Group pieces combine in many ways to form 4x4x4 cubes. Eight total pieces are needed to make a cube. It's possible to make cubes with as many as eight different pieces, but pairs make the most common solutions. Check the compatibility chart below for which other pieces you might want to use.

Little-j;Z-Tip Compatibility:
L-Z ---------- G;O
LS ---------- G;O
L-Out ------- G;O
Little-j ------ H;G
Arc ---------- X;G
Double-L - X;G
L-v ---------- O;X
C-N --------- G;X
Hook ------- H;O
Z-Tip ------- G;X
Helix ------- H;X
Loop ------- X;X

G = Forms a cube with Good interlock
O = Forms a loose Or unstable cube
X = Can't make a cube without other pieces added
H = Assembles into two Half-cubes
This chart is for basic mix of four pieces of each kind. Note that the pieces are also matched with themselves.
cm: 7.724 w x 3.914 d x 4.866 h
in: 3.041 w x 1.541 d x 1.916 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.