Freely Rolling Konoid 60mm

Freely Rolling Konoid 60mm 3d printed Art Mathematical Art This is a 3D stereopair for cross-eye viewing
This is a 3D stereopair for cross-eye viewing
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  • White

    White nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth matte finish.


A Konoid is an artistic representation of a mathematical object called Sphericon.

It’s hard to believe that being placed on a slanted flat surface it rolls freely in a straight line.
Well it wobbles a little, but it will not stop.
It's available in three different sizes and many materials

From Wolfram MathWorld:
A sphericon is the solid formed from a bicone with opening angle of 90 degrees (and therefore with a=r=h) obtained by slicing the solid with a plane containing the rotational axes resulting in a square cross section, then rotating the two pieces by 90 degrees and reconnecting them.

A sphericon has a single continuous face and rolls by wobbling along that face, resulting in straight-line motion. In addition, one sphericon can roll around another.


IN: 2.417 w x 2.417 d x 2.417 h
CM: 6.14 w x 6.14 d x 6.14 h