V2500 Variant high pressure compressor, drum with

V2500 Variant high pressure compressor, drum with 3d printed Miniatures Gadgets
This is the cutmodel of a high pressure compressor a variant of the 2500 civil jet engine. I think it might be the V2533-A5 but I am not sure.
Whereas the initial V2500 has a 10 stage high pressure compressor (HPC) this version has 12 of which you can see 10. Stages 1 and 2 aren't there due to lack of graphic material while making this.
It is not designed with respect to fluid dynamics. It only serves the purpose to look like the original compressor. Stages 3 to 5 have axial blade mounting, all further stages including those of the other drum are radially inserted. The cut and left away blades show this construction. Note that there are no tolerances in the parts. The files have one volume. The blades can therefore not be taken out.
I have this model upladed in larger size and higher quality too, seperated into two parts due to the polygon count limit of shapeways. This one seems to have a good quality too though.

This model does have some flaws concerning realism. Note the bad transition of the blades' paltes along the first 3 stages. Also the feet of those blades have bad proportions.
cm: 17.62 w x 12.92 d x 12.92 h
in: 6.937 w x 5.087 d x 5.087 h


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