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Name Sailboat Earrings Plastic

Name Sailboat Earrings Plastic 3d printed Jewelry Personalize your own Purple Strona & Flexible
Purple Strona & Flexible
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


YOUR NAME or SAIL NUMBER on Catamaran Sailboat Ear Rings!

5-6 characters per side (fewer with "W" and "M")

These are scale models of Prindle 18-2 and Prindle 19 MX catamarans. Scale 1.2 mm/ft (1/250)

    * Boat: P18-2 / P18 MX
    * Up Wind / Down Wind
    * Starboard Tack / Port Tack
    * Text: 4-6 characters per side
    * Text: Top Down / Bottom Up
    * Each earring can have a different set of options!

Sterling Silver Sailboat Earrings are also available.

To PERSONALIZE your sailboats, FIRST you must login to shapeways, if not already. (Very top of page on the right)
Then click the "Personalize 1st" button below.
Personalize 1st
This will take you to the Gilligonia web page. You will be given an ID Code and interactively create your Personalized Text.

When you return to the Shapeways page, CLICK the "Personalize" button above right. This will open up a form. Then PASTE the "ID Code and Personalized Text" where indicated on the form.

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IN: 1.22 w x 1.22 d x 1.22 h
CM: 3.1 w x 2.578 d x 4.824 h