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minimoova™ 3d printed Gadgets Games by John Reeves Taylor
by John Reeves Taylor
  • Violet Purple

    Dark purple, richly colored nylon plastic with a smooth finish.


The minimoova™ is a smaller desk toy gift, unique, compact & one of a kind. The minimoova™ is an executive desk toy approximately 2.5in/67mm in diameter and made using 3D printing for your office desk or houshold tabletop. The minimoova™ kinetic desk toy rolls from side to side along a snake like which initially appears unpredictable. With some patience and practice you can predict the path of this executive toy.

This kinetic motion desk toy rolls over a flat surface like a work desk or tabletop. To get started, give your minimoova™ kinetic desk sculpture a gentle tap and if your office desktop or table top surface is not level you will see your desk top toy roll independently across the surface.

Material and color:
This kinetic 3D print is 3D printed in tough yet lightweight 3d printed polyamide with a fine surface texture which makes an ideal interface for a smooth rolling surface. Colors depicted in the images above are for reference only; please check information under the 'select material' pull down menu to get the most up-to-date preview of currently available colors.



IN: 2.639 w x 2.639 d x 2.639 h
CM: 6.702 w x 6.7 d x 6.7 h