Ceramic Ferrofluid Sculpture - imaginary rock coll

  • Gloss Black Ceramics

    Deep black ceramic with a glossy, smooth finish. Food-safe.


I've been fascinated by ferrofluid for the past couple years and wanted to do a piece that you can actually touch. 3D printed and glazed ceramic material was the perfect fit to simulate the glossy appearance of real ferrofluid. Add this unique piece to your own collection!


IN: 2.061 w x 2.061 d x 2.061 h
CM: 5.234 w x 5.236 d x 2.416 h


@carine Thanks! I'm an industrial designer and a toy inventor and I enjoy doing art/sculpture and jewelry on the side.
January 14, 2013, 1:05 am
@seedlingdesign I love your work! What's your background? Really beautiful concepts...
January 13, 2013, 9:08 pm
@stop4stuff Thank you!
January 12, 2013, 11:00 pm
That would be cool, but it is just a cool optical illusion :)
January 12, 2013, 11:00 pm
@seedlingdesign This is brilliant!
January 12, 2013, 10:50 pm
Is this geared to move as shown in the animation?
January 10, 2013, 6:29 pm