Solar System models - all planets and major moons

Solar System models - all planets and major moons 3d printed Accessories SciFi Full Color Sandstone
Full Color Sandstone
Solar System models - all planets and major moons 3d printed Accessories SciFi Full Color Sandstone
Solar System models - all planets and major moons 3d printed Accessories SciFi Full Color Sandstone
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Solar System models - all planets and major moons 3d printed Accessories SciFi
Solar System models - all planets and major moons 3d printed Accessories SciFi
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A detailed full color model of each of the planets, gas giants, and major moons of the Solar system, to (logrithmic) scale.
This set includes the 20 largest objects in the solar system (bar the sun).
All surfaces are reproduced from NASA imaging.

For size reference, Jupiter is 25mm (1 inch) diameter, and Earth is 12.76mm (1/2 inch) diameter.
(A photograph of some of the planet models can be seen on th page for this subset of planets. Photos of this full set coming soon.)
This set is designed for use in orrery or other models of the solar system, and so to best present all planets while preserving scale, the scale has been compressed - a logrithmic scale instead of a linear scale. This means that if the model of a moon of Jupiter is larger than the model of Mercury but smaller than Mars, then you know that the real moon really is larger than Mercury and smaller than Mars, But the size diference is compressed - Jupiter, which is really more than ten times Earth's diameter, becomes only twice Earth's diameter, etc. This logrithmic scale allows all planets to be clearly visible together, while at the same time still indicating their sizes relative to each other.

The set contains all planets, a dwarf planet, and eleven moons:
[In order of appearance in the photo above, right to left]
 - Moon / Luna
 - Ganymede
 - Callisto*
 - Io
 - Europa (attempt no landing there)
 - rings of Saturn
 - Titan
 - Rhea*
 - Iapetus*
 - Dione*
 - Tritan**
 - Titania*

All objects have a 1.6mm (1/16th inch) hole at the south pole, for a brass axle (or a toothpick).

What color is a planet - is it color of its surface materials, or the colour of its atmosphere from space, or the color of the surface being colored by the atmosphere filtering light from the sun? The appearance in this set attempts to be that of the surface with moderate atmospheric influence, (with the gas giants depicted as the atmosphere and surface being the same thing). For example, this means that Venus depicts the features of its surface, but they are tinted somewhat by its atmosphere. Similarly, Earth and Titan show ground features, but some areas are tinted and obscured by atmosphere.

In areas where the model surface is more detailed than the most detailed NASA photography (such as Pluto), the overall surface appearance conforms to what is known, but finer textural details are speculative. (Or, if there is an atmosphere, it is shown as particularly thick and opaque over the unmapped area.)

*Due to hard limitations of the Shapeways production, these minor moons are sharing the same surface map. They were chosen because they have a similar surface, and/or their surface is largely unknown.
**For the same reason, Pluto and Triton, which have a similar icy surface and not much photographic detail known, also share their surface map.
(The alternative was to not include those moons)
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IN: 9.508 w x 0.994 d x 3.743 h
CM: 24.15 w x 2.524 d x 9.508 h
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It's a lovely set, and I'm very happy with them. However, I agree with @jonathanfishel -- could you at least include a price/option for the non-linear prints? I imagine it wouldn't be too much work for you to re-scale the files—Jupiter would still only be 11cm, which wouldn't make the price skyrocket.
November 13, 2014, 10:18 am
Can you update the photos with the actual prints?
September 3, 2014, 6:37 pm
How do you display this? Are they hooked together some way that I can't see? Are they sent to you like a bag of marbles and displaying them is your problem?
May 1, 2014, 7:34 pm
Bought a set for my dad. He liked them and found them really interesting. They come as is with no documentation so be ready. I kinda think that's half the fun, and the price is excellent. He said they feel like 200 sandpaper and the images are excellent. Looking for more things to order for myself!
June 26, 2013, 2:11 am
The pros: - For $36 it is an amazing little model of the solar system. - detail is good. (not great, but good) nice enough to make a display piece or educational model with. - Would definitely recommend and purchase again. the cons: - difficult to tell which moons are which. - the items feel dusty when you first get them out. not sure if that is an artifact of manufacturing or if the material breaks down when exposed to friction. I would love to know how much a linearly scaled model would cost with earth as the same 1/2 inch. (Probably $150. stupid jupiter, why do you have to be so massive!?)
October 12, 2012, 2:39 am
  • Full Color Sandstone

    Fully colored material with a coarse finish and a delicate feel.



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