Power Glove

Power Glove 3d printed
Power Glove: state-of-the-art graphene nano-wires increase strength ten fold. Heat, cold, radiation, and spam resistant. Optional 553 nanometer wavelength laser weapon coming soon. Stylish. Buy one, get one free! Warning: gloves have a moderately small chance of causing delusions and hallucinations making you think they are not working. Trust us, they are.

Created to test the new squishy material, now named Black Elasto Plastic. However, it now appears the maximum size is 27cm, rather than 30cm as originally stated, so I will have to cut a little off the cuff to make this printable in squishy.
cm: 10.598 w x 5.302 d x 28.354 h
in: 4.172 w x 2.087 d x 11.163 h


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