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Fractured Prism Puzzle

Fractured Prism Puzzle 3d printed Puzzles Games Green Side
Green Side
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


The Fractured Prism puzzle could be considered to be a shape modification of my previous Fracture-10 puzzle. However, the flat pentagonal sides of Fractured Prism make it an easier puzzle to solve since the triangular edge pieces on those sides can be in multiple correct positions. Like Fracture-10, the Fractured Prism turns on five axes, one at each square face. Each axis is capable of turning in 90 degree increments, but only when that face shows four-fold symmetry with no triangular pieces. Otherwise, 180 degree turns must be used.

Fractured Prism comes as a DIY kit of parts, and you will need to supply your own stickers. The templates for the stickers are available in the instructions forum.

I recommend that you purchase the puzzle in "Black Strong & Flexible". It costs a bit more than the white material, but it's worth it since the finished puzzle will look and work better. You will need one M3 x 12mm screw to assemble the puzzle.

Have fun!


IN: 3.094 w x 3.094 d x 3.094 h
CM: 7.86 w x 6.2 d x 7.52 h