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Bird Hanger Small

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  • Polished Alumide

    Grey nylon plastic with a subtle metallic sparkle and polished sheen.


Features:- • Solid, durable construction to survive a lifetime • General purpose Knob/ Hanger • Organic and abstract design of a small bird possess many interesting forms and shapes but with all the characteristics and personality we associate with our small feathered friends • Carefully crafted structure, in the shape of a G spring this allows the design to compress fitting the contours of the hand (see Detailed jpeg) • Eye hole can be used to connect two Birds together with a wire to become a clothes line or curtain rail (see Hanging wire jpeg) • Small beak can be used to easily store keys, messages or cards. Two small bumps in the mouth add grip • Asymmetrical design to add extra contrast between small and large designs • Tail designed to be flat, ensuring a perfect bond with the surface it will be attached to • Screw thread located under tail of bird with thick surrounding structure to ensure everlasting use


IN: 1.292 w x 1.292 d x 1.292 h
CM: 3.282 w x 3.33 d x 3.334 h