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Smaller Earring RBS

Smaller Earring RBS 3d printed Art Jewelry printed08
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I think this is the smallest I can possibly make the Earring RBS given shapeways minimum wall thickness limitations for white strong and flexible. The frame is 1mm and the rails are 0.8 mm. Yes, I know 0.7 is real minimum but I don't want to risk it. Again, I haven't printed and tested it yet so I'm not sure if it works, but it should. It is very small at 1 inch wide by 2.25 inches tall. There is a loop at the top for hooking to an earring or it will also stand on its own. A very unique earring! Don't forget that if you want it for an earring you need to purchase two (one for each ear). You'll notice that this one is a little smaller than the earring rbs I uploaded previously. To play with it, you'll need to detach the attached 5 marbles.


IN: 0.991 w x 0.991 d x 0.991 h
CM: 2.518 w x 2.738 d x 5.75 h