T30s N 16 wood beam trucks, Civil War USMRR, screw

T30s N 16 wood beam trucks, Civil War USMRR, screw 3d printed Model trains Miniatures
8 pairs of wood beam freight trucks, as used under equipment of the US Military Railroads during the American Civil War. Many cars of Southern and mid-Atlantic railroads were re-equipped with these trucks when taken over by the Army. One of many similar types made by various builders, starting with the Pennsylvania in the late 1850s, this design was the last hurrah for the widespread use of wood sideframes in freight service.

54" wheelbase, canister coil springs, decorative spring plank columns, brakes. Flat journal boxes are of a type most often seen in Civil War photos by Russell, Brady etc.

This version mounts with a #0 or #00 screw for scratchbuiding projects or Republic Locomotive Works USMRR car kits. Other versions use a common MT/MDC style bolster pin or fit Bachmann Old Timer cars.

Requires 33" standard or low profile wheelsets (MicroTrains or Fox Valley Models with .540" length axles). Others may also fit.

Because of their small size and fine detail, Frosted Ultra Detail is the preferred material.

Clean with alcohol before painting, a cheap ultrasonic cleaner works great. Use toothbrush soaked in Bestine rubber cement remover if particularly greasy. Enamels or acrylics recommended.

Part Number T30s
Since this model has very small details be sure to check the "print anyway" box at checkout to be sure it can be printed.
cm: 7.756 w x 6.834 d x 0.44 h
in: 3.054 w x 2.691 d x 0.173 h


  • Frosted Ultra Detail

    Matte translucent plastic that showcases fine and intricate details.