Butterfly Valve 0850

Butterfly Valve 0850 3d printed Mechanical parts Accessories
This is a butterfly valve for 1" OD pipes with about 0.058" wall. It has a diameter of 0.85" so it should fit into most 1" OD steel and aluminum pipes/tubes. Two of these can be used for a DUAL Butterfly Valve, and can be linked with our joint lever and valve arm. You can get one made of Strong and flexible material that can handle up to 80*C, or Alumide that can handle 172*C, but is a bit brittle. It has a flap on one side to prevent overturning, and two small holes to allow for engine idle with the valve closed, without having to adjust the idle externally. Has a hole for 1/8" shaft. Use your own or our Shaft 0125 for 1" pipes.

Don't get this in glass, since that shrinks to about 0.8" diam.
cm: 2.142 w x 2.166 d x 0.608 h
in: 0.843 w x 0.853 d x 0.239 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.