MG144-SYV05 Seething Scoria Attack Skimmer (3)

by AotrsCommander
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.

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Strayvian Dominion Legion

Seething Scoria Attack Skimmer

The Seething Scoria Skimmer is the lightest Strayvian vehicle in common use. Effectively an armoured canopy covering a Strayvian powered infantry trooper attached to a grav-drive, it is comparatively light; though with shields and armour that still make it comparable to many light tanks significantly bigger.

While all Strayvian vehicles carry sensors, the Skimmer carries and improved array. It is armed with a small PD lazer cannon on a turret, and a more powerful fixed laser cannon underslung beneath the canopy. It is the fastest ground vehicle in the Dominion’s arsenal, and out of all the grav-vehicles, the best flier.

The pilot lies almost face-down in prone position in the canopy. Like all Strayvian vehicles, the interior of the canopy provides a 3D holographic array. In the Seething Scoria, the orientation of the array is such that “forward” is at the same down angle as the pilot’s vision in his prone position. The visual display, like all Strayvian systems, is maintained through a series of micro-sensors scattered across the hull under the armour, giving considerable redundancy. These devices are also linked to several small utility power cells (no larger than an old watch-battery), providing a separate back-up in the case of a generator failure, so that in such a case, while sensors are likely to be disabled, the pilot can still see. This is in addition to the auxiliary generator all Strayvian vehicles also carry.


IN: 1.309 w x 1.309 d x 1.309 h
CM: 3.324 w x 3.326 d x 3.326 h


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